21/12/12 – The Day the World Didn’t End

Soooooo……we’re all still here?

Not really a surprise to most of us.

You must have been living under rock not to have heard about the supposed ‘End of the the World’ as ‘predicted’ by the Mayan’s when they ran out of space on their calendar. For the last few days the webosphere has been abuzz with Memes, status’s (or should that be status’, or maybe stati?) and more than the occasional micro-blog on the subject. Over the last couple of years, it’s been the subject of cheap TV documentaries aplenty, and even the odd Feature film or two.

Now that it’s all done and finished with, I feel I must admit to a little guilty secret; ie. Part of me was hoping that the world WOULD end.

Depending on how well you know me, if at all, you will receive this news with varying degrees of surprise. I perfectly well understand that some of you will have no interest whatsoever!

The fact is that if it had ended, if the ‘predictions’ (I use this term VERY loosely here) had been true, then some good would have come of it in my opinion.

Firstly, poverty, excess, cruelty, envy, and host of other ‘deadly sins’ would have been wiped out in a single blow. No more need for charities, politicians, or zealotical activists to bust a gut trying to solve the worlds problems. None of us would have been forced to witness human-kind’s slow decline into the abyss.

Secondly, we would have all met our maker at near enough the same time. no more worrying and wondering about what lies beyond. We all find out together, leaving no-one behind to suffer in ignorance. One mass exodus to the promised land, or…….nothing. Absolute nothing. A big old empty pot of boiled up zero, with a vacuum garnish.

My third thought on the subject is questionable because ‘it depends’. It depends on ‘how’ it would of happened. You see, this is because my good lady woman and I are currently vacationing on the sunny Isle of Jamaica, thousands of miles away from home. A lovely place to be if the light switch of life as we know it is just ‘flicked off’. Not so good if its a slow lingering end, as we would have time to mourn the distance from our loved ones, with no chance of returning for that final goodbye.

Cheerful stuff eh?

Well we can all rest easy for now. It didn’t happen, and the next predicted end of the world date is 2016 according to an article in the Weekly World News, although I am yet to be convinced that this publication, with all its modern news gathering techniques, is any more reliable than an ancient calendar based around the ‘Birth of Venus’.

Four years to go folks……